Russia in the Age of Peter the Great

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She explores the experience of women, and investigates the life of the court (including Peter's "All-Drunken Assembly"), feasts, entertainments and popular culture. Although not a biography, Peter is a presence throughout the book, a six-foot seven-inch giant who enjoyed the company of dwarfs and ordinary people, adopted disguises and pseudonyms, married a peasant, and had a passion for cultural reform. Hughes recounts the events that shaped Peter's youth, provides character sketch, and explores his complex family relations (including the tragic conflict with his eldest son Alexis, whom he condemned to death). Her account closes with a reconsideration of the Petrine legacy from Peter's time to our own, as his name and image became harnessed to sell beer and cigarettes and the erection of his statue provokes renewed controversy.


Lindsey Hughes is professor of Russian history at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London.


"Thanks to Hughes' beautifully written...book, for the first time the English-speaking reader is provided with a sufficiently full and just account of the events and institutions of Peter's reign to allow...judgements to be attempted...Her work will without doubt long remain the standard text." Nikolai Tolstoy, Literary Review "A balanced and absorbing account of Peter and his times." Robin Buss, Independent on Sunday "The most comprehensive study of Petrine Russia available in English." Richard Pipes, The New Republic "Hughes has produced such a comprehensive, scholarly and fluently written study of this horrific, complex man and his fascinating times that no one will need to revisit the subject for decades to come." Andrew Roberts, Mail on Sunday "A superbly comprehensive survey of the Petrine era...Hughes writes in a crisp, factual, scholarly manner...She has a fine eye for significant detail, as well as the grand themes...The contemporary relevance of this splendid piece of history needs no underlining." George Walden, The Daily Telegraph "The scope and source materials of this survey put it into a class by itself...The value of this book is its tremendous wealth of information and its fascinating presentation of existing scholarship. Its clear prose makes it accessible to those without prior knowledge of Russian history." Choice
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