After Nihilism: Essays on Contemporary Art

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Februar 2000



After Nihilism examines the art work of Neo Avant-Garde European and American artists.


Introduction; Part I. Theoretical Prelude: 1. Inbetween being (t)here - a scenario of thoughts on the (im)possibilities of art; Part II. Paths of a Different Presence: 2. The Fautrier yardstick; 3. The unredeemed in Joseph Beuys' expanded art; 4. Marcel Broodthaer's determinate negation; 5. Gerhard Richter: painting's responsibility; 6. Brice Marden: ensouled form; 7. Howard Hodgkin: the carnal presence of emotion; 8. A. R. Penck: the import of the real; 9. Don Van Vliet: coherent deformation; Part III. Theoretical Interlude: 10. After Nihilism; Part IV. Is There A Presence of Difference?: 11. Francesco Clemente: be a curtain and tear your self apart; 12. Donald Baechler: on line; 13. Julian Schnabel's intensity program; 14. Walter Dahn: the painter in revolt; 15. Georg Dokoupil: the trivial position; 16. Dahn and Dokuouil: masks of (dis) enchantment; 17. Martin Kippenberger: filthy truth; 18. David Salle: on stages; 19. Ross Bleckner: traces of deathlessness; 20. Andreas Schulze: the family idiot; 21. Gunther Forg/Philip Taaffe: we are not afraid; 22. Philip Taaffe: the other (and the) ornament; 23. Rosemarie Trockel's encore; 24. Georg Herold: over-exposing and counter-illuminating the theater of meaning; 25. Cindy Sherman: portraits of becoming ano(r)mal; 26. Siegfried Anzinger: pre-figures of (possible) painting; 27. George Condo: (ir)real presences; 28. Albert Oehlen: beauty is a rare thing; 29. Frances Scholz: to a Line; Part V. Pragmatical Apreslude: 30. Blindmen, throw away your canes; Notes.
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