Race, Media, and the Crisis of Civil Society: From Watts to Rodney King

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Mai 2004



Charts the history, development and influence of the African-American Press.


Introduction; 2. Race, media and multiple publics; 3. Historicizing the public sphere(s): New York, Los Angeles, Chicago; 4. The Watts uprisings of 1965; 5. The Rodney King beating; 6. Rodney King 1992; 7. Conclusion; Notes; References; Index.


"This compact work should appeal to those studying race, conflict, and the role of media in society, particularly the different roles that 'big' and 'small' media may play... The book provides valuable insights into the processes of journalistic and societal framings of racial issues during the latter half of the twentieth century... In total, the book makes a compelling argument for the black press as a unique voice, not a substitute for participation in the mainstream media... Jacob's book brings us face-to-face with questions that will color our view of our multicultural world for years to come." Kimberly A. Neuendorf, Contemporary Sociology
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