Causes and Consequences of Feelings

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November 2014



Although it is well known that people's feelings can often influence what they remember, how they think, and what they do, systematic investigations of these effects are relatively new. Summarizing much of what has been learned in the past several decades, this book looks at how good and bad feelings arise, and then how they can affect thought and actions. Besides showing the often-suprising ways in which mood can shape judgments and memory, this volume examines, among other things, how emotional arousal influences the accuracy of eyewitness testimony, whether childhood traumas are repressed, and what impact people's feelings have on their susceptibility to persuasive communications.


1. Introduction; 2. Feelings: their nature and causes; 3. More on the causes of feelings: appraisals and bodily reactions; 4. Influences of feelings on memory; 5. Personal traumas and memory; 6. Feeling effects on judgments and decision making; 7. Feelings, persuasion, and motivation; 8. Feelings and social behavior.


"A masterful review and integration of the major findings and issues in the field. It is sheer joy to see the founder of a field give us his wise, thoughtful overview and state-of-the-art views." Gordon Bower, Stanford University "...this volume presents a readable and generally thorough overview...Berkowitz provides a reasonable, fair treatment of a wide range of relevant research findings in lucid, accessible prose. Recommended, particularly for undergraduates in courses involving cognition and emotion." Choice "engagingly written and thoughtful book...I have voiced, this is a good book. Psychologists who want to introduce topics in thier classroom related to the effects of general affective states on cognitive process will find this a rich source of issues and lecture materials." Contemporary Psychology APA REVIEW OF BOOKS 2001
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