Unemployment and Government: Genealogies of the Social

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April 2000



This book follows the invention and transformation of unemployment, understood as a historically specific site of regulation. Taking key aspects of the history of unemployment in Britain as its focus, it argues that the ways in which authorities have defined and sought to manage the jobless have been remarkably varied. The book examines such institutionalized practices as the labor bureau, unemployment insurance, and the present "New Deal" as "technologies" of power. The result is a challenge to our thinking about welfare states.


1. The discovery of unemployment; 2. Inventing unemployment: the birth of the labour exchange; 3. Governing unemployment as a 'risk'; 4. Governing through the long-term unemployed: unemployment between the wars; 5. Unemployment and its spaces; 6. Governing divided societies: the new deal.


"Walters has written a sophisticated account not only of the history of unemployment but of the way social problems are defined and handled through pratices of governmentality. His book should be widely consulted." Jrnl of Sociology & Social Welfare "The book is well worth reading...it might, hopefully, stimulate serious thinking about unemployment policy in a Canadian context." Canadian Journal of Sociology Online Jan-Feb 2002
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