Representations of the Self from the Renaissance to Romanticism

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April 2000



This book examines the public assertion of self by men and women in England, France and Germany from the Renaissance to Romanticism.


Introduction Patrick Coleman; 1. Revising Descartes: on subject and community Timothy J. Reiss; 2. The 'man of learning' defended: seventeenth-century biographies of scholars and an early modern ideal of excellence Peter N. Miller; 3. Life-writing in seventeenth-century England Debora Shuger; 4. Representations of intimacy in the life-writing of Anne Clifford and Anne Dormer Mary O'Connor; 5. Gender, genre and theatricality in the autobiography of Charlotte Charke Robert Folkenflik; 6. Petrarch/Sade: writing the life Julie Candler Hayes; 7. A comic life: Diderot and le recit de vie Stephen Werner; 8. Letters, diary and autobiography in eighteenth-century France Benoit Melancon; 9. Portrait of the object of love in Rousseau's Confessions Felicity Baker; 10. Fichte's road to Kant Anthony J. La Vopa; 11. Mary Robinson and the scripts of female sexuality Anne K. Mellor; 12. After Sir Joshua Richard Wendorf; Index.


"a valuable volume." Eighteenth Century Fiction
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