The Politics of Exile in Renaissance Italy

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A systematic analysis of the role of exiles in the political life of fifteenth-century Italy.


Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Introduction: the wheel of fortune; 1. Into exile; 2. The justice of exile; 3. Places of exile; 4. Life in exile; 5. Keeping track; 6. Finding friends; 7. Going home; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


"Based on extensive use of Sienese archival sources, other archives, and very wide reading in the secondary literatuer of Italian Renaissance politics, the book does not propose a general thesis but provides a good deal of information on a neglected topic. Recommended for faculty, graduate studets, and some upper-division undergraduates." Choice "This book by Christine Shaw examines a topic that is too often neglected by historians of the Renaissance, although exiles were certainly an important part of political life of the time...Shaw's book makes a contribution to the field. Her rich footnotes, full of archival references, can easily be mined by historians for more information on Siena." American Historical Review "Readers will close her book with due respect for the wealth of the Sienese archives and with high regard for the thoroughness and competence of her research." Canadian Journal of History " The book is at its best...It offers a systematic and detailed survey of myriad and instances and outcomes of political exile. On the arcana of political and judicial procedures it is remarkably claer and incisive, and on the calculus of expectations for and against exiles the book is as tough minded as any of its poltical actors." Renaissance Quarterly
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