The Spoken Language Translator

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April 2015



This book describes the Spoken Language Translator (SLT), one of the first major projects in the area of automatic speech translation.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; Part I. Language Processing and Corpora: 2. Translation using the core language engine; 3. Grammar specialisation; 4. Choosing among interpretations; 5. The TreeBanker; 6. Acquisition of lexical entries; 7. Spelling and morphology; 8. Corpora and data collection; Part II. Linguistic Coverage: 9. English coverage; 10. French coverage; 11. Swedish coverage; 12. Transfer coverage; 13. Rational reuse of linguistic data; Part III. Speech Processing: 14. Speech recognition; 15. Acoustic modelling; 16. Language modelling for multilingual speech translation; 17. Porting a recogniser to a new language; 18. Multiple dialects and languages; 19. Common speech/language issues; Part IV. Evaluation and Conclusions: 20. Evaluation; 21. Conclusions; Appendix A: the mathematics of discriminant scores; Appendix B: notation for QLF-based processing; References; Index.


'... the book provides a fine overview of the main considerations in the development of a domain-specific speech translation system. The editors have ensured that the main issues are covered, and much effort has been made to ensure a balance in both form and contents from one chapter to another.' M. C. L'Homme, Computing Reviews '... an essential resource both for those who wish to know what is achievable in spoken language translation today, and for those who wish to understand how to achieve it.' Zentralblatt fur Mathematik '... a very accessible account of a mainly rule-based system for translating spoken language. ... the book is very well written and structured. There are many lessons here for subsequent generations of speech and language researchers. ... it would be a good primer for anyone wishing to develop a serious speech or language processing system.' Journal of Natural Language Processing
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