The Phantom Table: Woolf, Fry, Russell and the Epistemology of Modernism

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Major study of Woolf's relationship to Bloomsbury and the aesthetic and philosophical developments of her time.


List of illustrations; Preface; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction: table talk; Part I. Subject and Object and the Nature of Reality: 2. The geometry in the sensible world: Russell's analysis of matter; 3. The world seen without a self: Woolf's analysis of matter; 4. Solus ipse, alone in the universe; 5. The dualism of death; Part II. Principia Aesthetica: 6. Fry's granite and rainbow: post-impressionism and impressionism; 7. How to describe the world seen without a self?; 8. The modern elegy; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'Ann Banfield has written a book of great size in every respect. Large in ambition, vast in research, commanding in its control of many difficult texts and many formidable arguments, it will become a major resource not only for Woolf scholarship, but for all those interested in modernist studies. This book is a major achievement.' Michael Levenson 'Ann Banfield's book is simply the finest interdisciplinary work in any language I am aware of comparing a writer with the philosophical domain of Modernism - it is a triumph of interdisciplinary method, offering exact, lucid comparisons, and presenting us with a picture of Woolf more tough-minded, rigorous, objective and sane than any previous picture.' Daniel Albright '[The Phantom Table's] importance extends beyond its historical account of Woolf's aesthetics, for in tracing the dance of ideas among Woolf, Russell and Fry, Banfield offers a fresh perspective on both the problem of the subject in twentieth-century thought and art and Bloomsbury's philosophical and creative solutions ...' Women's Review of Books
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