Patterns of Social Capital: Stability and Change in Historical Perspective

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November 2000



Examines voluntary associations, comparatively and cross-culturally, as indicators of citizen readiness for civic engagement.


1. Introduction: social capital and political culture in Africa, America, Australasia, and Europe Robert I. Rotberg; 2. Civic traditions in premodern Italy Gene Brucker; 3. The sources of civil society in Italy Edward Muir; 4. Finding social capital: the French Revolution in Italy Raymond Grew; 5. Social capital in the early Industrial Revolution Leonard N. Rosenband; 6. The diversity of social capital in English communities, 1300-1640 (with a glance at modern Nigeria) Marjorie K. McIntosh; 7. Social and cultural capital in Colonial British America: a case study Jack P. Greene; 8. The growth of voluntary associations in America, 1840-1940 Gerald R. Gamm and Robert D. Putnam; 9. Civil society as Democratic practice: North American cities during the nineteenth century Mary P. Ryan; 10. Securing political returns to social capital: women's associations in the United States, 1880s-1920s Elisabeth S. Clemens; 11. Second-generation civic America: education, citizenship, and the children of immigrants Reed Ueda; 12. Human capital and social capital: the rise of secondary schooling in America, 1910-1940 Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz; 13. From local to national cultures: social capital and civic organization in the Great Plains Myron P. Gutmann and Sara M. Pullum; 14. Civility, social capital, and civil society: three powerful concepts for explaining Asia Lucian W. Pye.


'... these contributions are well researched, high-quality studies of the patterns of social capital in differently times and places ...'. Progress in Human Geography
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