Encountering Religion

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This comprehensive, user-friendly text introduces students to the principal world faiths. This text is cross-referenced to and can be used in conjunction with Markham's "World Religions Reader," Second Edition as a complete teaching package for comparative religion courses.


List of Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgments. Studying Religion: Issues in Definition and Method (Elizabeth Ramsey and Shannon Ledbetter). Religion and Sociology (Julie F. Scott and Irene Hall). Religion and Psychology (Carl Williams). Religion and Scripture: The Function of the Special Books of Religion (Alex Smith). Religion, Ritual, and Culture (Sean McLoughlin). Religion and the Arts (Shannon Ledbetter). Secular Humanism (J'annine Jobling). Hinduism (Tinu Ruparell). Buddhism (David Torevell). Sikhism (John Parry). Chinese Religion (Jack Leung). Judaism (Elizabeth Ramsey). Shintoism (Ian Markham). Christianity (Alex Smith). Islam (Victoria La'Porte). Bibliography. Index


Ian S. Markham is Professor of Theology at Liverpool Hope University College. His previous publications include Plurality and Christian Ethics (1994), and also numerous articles and reviews. In 1993 he was appointed to the Council of the Advertising Standards Authority. Dr Tinu Ruperell is Lecturer in Theology at Liverpool Hope University College.
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