The Proceedings of the Thirtieth Child Language Research Forum

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November 2000



A collection of papers from the 30th Child Language Research Forum.


1. Assessing children's knowledge of word order with familiar and novel verbs Nameera Akhtar and Raquel Jaakkola; 2. Developments in theory of mind and evidentiality Ayhan Aksu-Koc and Didem Mersin Alici; 3. Modal reference in children's root infinitives Misha Becker and Nina Hyams; 4. Isolated words in mothers' speech to infants Michael R. Brent and Jeffrey Mark Siskind; 5. Differential effects of phonology and morphology in children's orthographic systems Steven Gillis and Dorit Ravid; 6. Evidential final particles in child Cantonese Thomas Hun-tak Lee and Ann Law; 7. Tense and aspect in French-speaking children's written and oral narratives Catherine Leger; 8. Lexical specificity in children's early language and its relation to lexical patterning in the input Elena Lieven and Anna Theakston; 9. Typological differences and the development of representations in speech and gesture Asli Ozyurek and Seyda Ozcaliskan; 10. The acquisition of tense/aspect and the cline of grammaticalization Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdottir, Sven Stromqvist and Asa Nordqvist; 11. The acquisition of causative morphology Yasuhiro Shirai, Susanne Miyata, Norio Naka and Yoshiko Sakazaki; 12. Studying on-line sentence processing in children John C. Trueswell, Irina Sekerina, Nicole M. Hill and Marian Logrip; 13. The early make-up of children's verb lexicons Sigal Uziel-Karl; 14. The bilingual child Colleen Wapole; 15. How Cantonese-speaking two-year-olds fend for themselves through the thicket of classifiers Cathy S. P. Wong; 16. Compounding and inflection in Finnish child language Farrell Ackerman and Sirkka Vanttila; 17. The acquisition of Japanese prosody Katsura Aoyama; 18. The phonetics and phonology of minimal words in child speech John Archibald and Tim Mills; 19. Gradual learning algorithm predicts acquisition order Paul Boersma and Clara C. Levelt; 20. He descended legs-upwards Penelope Brown; 21. A twin study of early vocabulary and grammatical development Jennifer Ganger, Steven Pinker, Allison Baker and Sonia Chawla; 22. The givenness hierarchy and acquisition of referring expressions in English and Spanish Jeanette K. Gundel, Sherri Page and Maria Sera; 23. A contextual analysis of a Japanese two-year-old's non-specific clarification requests Naomi Hamasaki; 24. Do children ever learn about linguistic gender? Yonata Levy; 25. High-dimensional semantic space and the acquisition of word meaning Ping Li, Kimberly Getty and Ashley Diefendorf; 26. Aren't two children always alike? Julien Musolino; 27. Learning inflectional agreement from parental speech Tony C. Smith; 28. Cross-situational observation and the semantic bootstrapping hypothesis Jesse Snedeker; 29. Acquisition of Turkish word order Karin Stromswold and Natalie Batman-Ratyosyan; 30. Tone sandhi as evidence for segmentation in Taiwanese Jane Tsay, Xiao-Jun Chen and James Myers.
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