Basketball Jones: America, Above the Rim

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September 2000



It began with Magic, Bird, and Dr. J. Then came Michael. The Dream Team. The WNBA. And, most recently. "Spree" Latrell Sprewell -- American Dream or American Nightmare? -- the embodiment of everything many believe is wrong -- and others believe is exciting -- about the game.Today, despite the NBA strike, despite home run derbies, despite football's headlock on network television ratings, despite the much-heralded return of baseball, basketball has assumed a role in American culture and consciousness impossible to imagine 20 years ago, when arenas were empty and the NBA finals were broadcast via tape delay in the wee hours.So what happened? How did a "black sport, " plagued by drug scandal and decimated by white flight, come to achieve such prominence? What are the subtle and not-so-subtle racial codes that define how the game is played and perceived, and the reception of its high-profile stars? What does the shift in popularity from the predominantly white, working-class ethos of baseball to the black, urban ethos of basketball suggest about contemporary life in America? What linkages exist between basketball and hip-hop culture and how did these develop? How has the arrival of women on the scene changed the equation?Bringing together journalists, cultural critics, and academics, this wide-ranging anthology has something for everyone, from hard-core fan to casual observer.


"A brilliant work of cultural criticism. Boyd and Shropshire bring together an impressive array of fresh voices who shed new light on the central metaphor of black popular culture: basketball. Basketball Jones is a thrilling and edifying read."-Michael Eric Dyson, author of "I May Not Get There with You: The True Martin Luther King, Jr."
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