Trials Without Truth: Why Our System of Criminal Trials Has Become an Expensive Failure and What We Need to Do to Rebuild It

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Juni 2000



By comparing and contrasting the U.S. trial system with that of a host of other countries, Trials Without Truth provides a clear-headed critique of what ails the criminal justice system -- and a prescription for how it can be fixed.


"Written for a general audience... Excellent... If enough American judges and law professors read his book, some of the silly rules that he criticizes will be discarded." --Judge Richard A. Posner, Times Literary Supplement "A beautifully written, finely nuanced work, a marvelous comparative constitutional study of criminal procedure that seeks to understand the larger culture." --Lawrence Fleischer, New York Law Journal "In a cogent, direct argument, Pizzi inveighs against the triumph of the law of unintended consequences over the law of practicality... An important book." --Publishers Weekly "Pizzi is certainly convincing in his argument that the American trial system is in dire need of overhaul. " --Law Society Journal, July 2002
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