The Delafield Commission and the American Military Profession

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The thirty-five-thousand-man army that engineered Mexico's independence was a melting pot of insurgent and royalist forces held together by the lure of rapid promotions and other military renumeration.Overwhelmed with internal threats such as Indian skirmishes and peasant uprisings, this poorly motivated, ill-trained army seldom enjoyed the respite, resources, or direction necessary to overcome challenges to territorial sovereignty posed by Spain, France, texas, and the United States during Mexico's first three decades of nationhood.William A. DePalo, Jr., studies the birth and tumultuous adolescence of the Mexican national army and examines how regional, social, political, and economic factors ate away at its institutional framework and on the Mexican government's attempts at military reform, causing Mexico eventually to lose nearly one-half its national territory.


Matthew Moten, a U.S. Army lieutenant, received his Ph.D. in history from Rice University. A graduate from West Point, he has served in armor and armored cavalry units in Europe and the United States, taught history at the Military Academy, been a military advisor in Kuwait, and served as a congressional strategist for the army. He is currently a speechwriter for the Chief of Staff, Army.
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