PC Interfacing and Data Acquisition: Techniques for Measurement, Instrumentation and Control.

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August 2000



A practical guide to programming for data acquisition and measurement - must-have info in just the right amount of depth for engineers who are not programming specialists.This book offers a complete guide to the programming and interfacing techniques involved in data collection and the subsequent measurement and control systems using an IBM compatible PC. It is an essential guide for electronic engineers and technicians involved in measurement and instrumentation, DA&C programmers and students aiming to gain a working knowledge of the industrial applications of computer interfacing. A basic working knowledge of programming in a high-level language is assumed, but analytical mathematics is kept to a minimum. Sample listings are given in C and can be downloaded from the Newnes website. Practical guidance on PC-based acquisition.Written for electronic engineers and software engineers in industry, not academics or computer scientists.A textbook with strong foundations in industry.


Preface; The PC as a platform for data acquisition; Software considerations; Sensors and interfacing; Sampling, noise and filtering; The interrupt system; Data transfer; Parallel busses; Serial communications; Scaling and linearization; Basic control techniques; Example projects; Appendix A: Adaptor installation reference; Appendix B: Character codes; Appendix C: References; Index.


Dr. B. Mehenni, University of Glamorgan: 'Well suited for design and development departments of small companies.' Mike Tooley: 'Most readers will be electronic engineers/technicians using PCs for measurement and instrumentation applications... There is a large educational market for a book of this type. The book will overlap to some extent with PC Based Instrumentation and Control but the author is clearly aware of the need to minimise duplication and ensure that his book has a different approach. I very much look forward to seeing this book in print.'
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