Humour in Anglo-Saxon Literature

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Juni 2000



Presenting a theory of humour in Old English literature, this work includes essays that employ different approaches to explore humor in such works as "Beowulf" and "The Battle of Maldon", the riddles of the "Exeter Book", and Old English saints' lives. The articles are prefaced with an introduction surveying the field.


Introduction, Jonathan Wilcox; Byrhtnoth's laughter and the poetics of gesture, John D. Niles; "Grim wordplay" - folly and wisdom in Anglo-Saxon humour , T.A. Shippey; humour, wordplay, and semantic resonance in "Beowulf", Raymond P. Tripp, Jr.; heroic humour in "Beowulf", E.L. Risden; humour in hiding - laughter between sheets in the Exeter Book Riddles, D.K. Smith; sexual humour and fettered desire in Exeter Book Riddle 12, Nina Rulon-Miller; "Why do you speak so much foolishness?" gender, humour, and discourse in Aelfric's "Lives of Saints", Shari Horner; a funny thing happened on the way to heaven - humorous incongruity in Old English saints' lives, Hugh Magennis.


Relevant and dynamic... When taken as a whole shows that there is quite a lot of humour in the notoriusly unfunny Old English corpus, and establishes that humorous strand as an important strand of literary critical enquiry. MEDIEVAL REVIEW Leaves no doubt that the Anglo-Saxons enjoyed a laugh just as much as we do. SPECULUM
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