Maverick Heart: Further Adventures of Zane Grey

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Oktober 2000



In 1927, at the peak of his career, Zane Grey bought a three-masted schooner, which he sailed to the Galapagos Islands, later journeying to Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji.As colorful as his characters were, so too was their creator. A consummate explorer, Zane Grey toured the world, was an acclaimed expert on salt-and freshwater fishing, and incorporated the sights and sounds he witnessed into his writings. As a companion to his biographical work of Grey's literary life, Zane Grey: Romancing the West, author Stephen J. May now gives us a remarkable look into another aspect of Grey's existence, the side little known but central to the measure of the man.Maverick Heart makes use of Grey's own memoirs and letters to give an enlightening portrait of this larger-than-life American character and a telling insight into one of the key shapers of the cultural heritage of our country.


Stephen J. May, who also wrote "Pilgrimage and Footloose on the Santa Fe Trail," resides in Craig, Colorado.


"Though he is best known for his Western novels, May suggests that Grey deserves critical recognition as an outstanding interpreter of the outdoors and as something of a protoenvironmentalist, instead of being shelved as a minor genre writer. His argument in this regard is entirely convincing, backed with ample quotations from Grey's published writings and unpublished jounals. A fine job: May's attentions may well inspire new interest in Grey's largely forgotten work."-- " Kirkus Reviews"
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