Strange Pilgrimages: Exile, Travel, and National Identity in Latin America, 1800d1990s

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April 2000



This fascinating collection of essays and articles shows how Latin Americans travels and residency abroad helped them re-examine their own origins and perceptions of their homeland. Latin Americans traveled both purposefully and frequently in the ninet


Chapter 1 Introduction: National Identity Formation in an International Context Part 2 I Constructing Nations after Independence and Beyond Chapter 3 Nature and Mother: Foreign Residence and the Evolution of Andres Bello's American Identity, London, 1810-1829 Chapter 4 Extract of a Letter to Senor Don Vicente Azuero, New York, January 19, 1832 Chapter 5 Brazilians in France, 1822-1872: Doubly Outsiders Chapter 6 "The More I See, the More Surprised I Am:" Ramon de la Sagra, Baltimore, and the Concepts of Race and Poverty Chapter 7 Intellectuals, Indians, and the Press: The Politicization of Justo Sierra O'Reilly's Journalism and Views on the Maya while in the United States Part 8 II Touring Modernity Chapter 9 The Lure of Paris Chapter 10 Frou-Frous or Feminists? Turn-of-the-Century Paris and the Latin American Women Chapter 11 The Impact of Imported Sports on the Popular Culture of Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Mexico and Central America Chapter 12 (En)Gendering Cultural Formations: The Crossings of Amanda Labarca between Chile and the United States Part 13 III Taking Sides Chapter 14 Latin Americans in Paris in the 1920s: The Anti-Imperialist Struggle of the General Association of Latin American Students, 1925-1933 Chapter 15 Encounter of Two Revolutions: Mexican Radical Elites in Communist Russia during the 1920s Chapter 16 Mexicans, Migrants, and Indigenous Peoples: The Work of Manuel Gamio in the United States, 1925-1927 Chapter 17 Guilt by Association: Jorge Eliecer Gaitan and the Legacy of His Studies in "Fascist" Italy Chapter 18 Between Crusade and Revolution: Two Argentines in Civil War Spain Chapter 19 Marriage by Pros and Cons: Love in a Time of European Exile Part 20 IV The Art of Living and Working Abroad Chapter 21 So Far From God, So Close to Hollywood: Dolores del Rio and Lupe Velez in Hollywood, 1925-1944 Chapter 22 To Be or Not to Be Brazilian? Carmen Miranda's Quest for Fame and "Authenticity" in the United States


An engaging, delightful, and informative collection of essays by and about Latin Americans who 'discover' Europe and North America. Beginning with Andres Bello's nearly thirty-year exile in London and ending with Carmen Miranda's experiences in 1940s Hollywood, Strange Pilgrimages covers a lot of ground and covers it very well. This is truly an essential book for anyone interested in Latin American identity and its relationship to global culture. -- Nicolas Shumway/Tomas Rivera, Dir. Institute Latin-Am Studies/Regents Prof Spanish-Am Lit University Of Texas At Austin A unique collection of essays that explores hitherto unexamined terrain: not Latin America as the West's other, but the West as Latin America's other. These studies of Latin American travelers and Latin American exile communities furnish both scholars and students with a pioneering agenda of topics to further ponder and research. -- Mauricio Tenorio Trillo, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas - Austin An essential book for anyone interested in Latin American identity and its relationship to global culture. British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain
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