Group Psychotherapy for Psychological Trauma

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Juni 2000



This indispensable book is designed to help practitioners create, initiate, and maintain therapy groups for traumatized individuals. Written by an array of experienced group therapists, the book addresses general aspects of trauma group therapy as well as issues specific to different populations and diagnostic entities.


Concepts, Themes, and Strategies. Introduction and Overview: Creating a Healing Matrix, Klein, Schermer. Initiating, Screening, and Maintaining Psychotherapy Groups for Traumatized Patients, Goodman and Weiss. Management of Trauma-Related Affect, Defenses, and Dissociative States, Hegeman and Wohl. Group-as-a-Whole Dynamics in Work with Traumatized Patients: Technical Strategies, Their Rationales and Limitations, Ganzarain. Hazardous Terrain: Countertransference Reactions in Trauma Groups, Ziegler, McEvoy Special Populations and Trauma Groups. Group Psychotherapy for the Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, ^iJohnson and Lubin Group Psychotherapy for Survivors of Sexual and Physical Abuse, Buchele Group Psychotherapy adn Pscyhological Traumata of Prolonged, Severe, and/or Terminal Illness, Marcus, Bernard Children of Trauma and Loss: Their Treatment in Group Psychotherapy, Keyser, Seelaus, Kahn. When Trauma Affects a Community: Group Interventions and Support after a Disaster, Dembert, Simmer. Group Psychotherapy for Victims of Political Torture and Other Forms of Severe Ethnic Persecution, von Wallenburg Pachaly. Group Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Allied Dissociative Disorders, Fine, Madden Group Treatment of "Complex Disorders" (Severe Clinical Disorders, Personality Disorders, and Substance Use Problems), Gallagher, Kibel


Robert H. Klein, PhD, CGP, is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, and maintains a private practice in Milford and Westport, Connecticut. He is a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.Victor L. Schermer, MA, LPC, CGP, is a psychologist in private practice and clinic settings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and a Consultant for its Disaster Outreach team.


"Klein and Schermer are brilliant scholars, and their contributions are the glue that unites this sophisticated collection. Chapters offer disparate perspectives on what the editors refer to as 'creating a healing matrix.' In particular, the volume addresses the group's specific power to bring together the dissociated aspects of the traumatized patient's personality by engaging the whole group and its members as mirrors and healing agents. This book is ideal for seasoned clinicians, researchers, and teachers, although novices also might find huge benefit in the liberal use of clinical examples. Bravo to the editors for producing a volume of great value to the group therapy field, with a clarity that is badly needed in the area of healing trauma."--Anne Alonso, PhD, Past President, American Group Psychotherapy Association; Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
"Klein and Schermer have brought together clinicians from diverse perspectives, who present practical and innovative ways of using group treatment in overcoming the impairments caused by a wide spectrum of traumata. All therapists will find important insights in this book. I recommend it to anyone seriously interested in gaining deeper understanding into the manifestations and treatment of trauma in group psychotherapy." --Walter N. Stone, MD, Past President, American Group Psychotherapy Association; Professor of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
"This is a pioneering book. It provides a comprehensive overview of an important clinical area that has not previously been discussed in this kind of depth. The book's strengths are its attention to the clinical needs of survivors of a wide range of traumatic life experiences, the explicit theory base of most chapters, and rich illustrative clinical material in every chapter. This is a must-have manual for therapists who plan to do group therapy with trauma survivors. It is an appropriate te
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