Fundamentals of Cheese Science

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Fundamentals of Cheese Science provides comprehensive coverage of the scientific aspects of cheese, emphasizing fundamental principles. The book's 23 chapters cover the chemistry and microbiology of milk for cheesemaking, starter cultures, coagulation of milk by enzymes or by acidification, the microbiology and biochemistry of cheese ripening, the flavor and rheology of cheese, processed cheese, cheese as a food ingredient, public health and nutritional aspects of cheese, and various methods used for the analysis of cheese. The book contains copious references to other texts and review articles. This broadly based resource is written for personnel involved in various production and quality control functions in the cheese industry, senior undergraduates, and post-graduate students.


Cheese: Historical Aspects. Overview of Cheese Manufacture.
Chemistry of Milk Constituents. Bacteriology of Cheese Milk. Starter
Enzymatic Coagulation of Milk. Post-Coagulation of Renneted
Milk Gel.
Salting of Cheese Curd. Cheese Yield. Microbiology of
Ripening. Biochemistry of Cheese Ripening. Cheese Flavor.
Rheology and Texture. Factors that Affect Cheese Quality.
Acceleration of Cheese Ripening. Fresh Acid-Curd Cheese Varieties.
Principal Families of Cheese.
Processed Cheese and Substitute or
Imitation Cheese Products. Cheese as a Food Ingredient. Pathogens and
Food-Poisoning Bacteria in Cheese. Nutritional Aspects of Cheese.
Whey and Whey Products. Analytical Methods for Cheese. Table of
Sources. Index


Paul L. H. McSweeney Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer in Food Chemistry.
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