The London Monster: A Sanguinary Tale

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Oktober 2000



A century before Jack the Ripper, another predator held sway on the streets--the London Monster. Bondeson, the author of "A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities", now writes a lively and detailed account of the psychopath who violently slashed over 50 women during a two-year crime spree in the 1780s. 34 illustrations.


Jan Bondeson is the author of A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities and The Feejee Mermaid and Other Essays in Natural and Unnatural History. He lives and works in Wales.


"Entirely fascinating."-Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post The London Monster: A Sanguinary Tale, by medical doctor Jan Bondeson, is the dark-humored true story of a late-Georgian psychopath who lashed out at women in a two-year crime spree until an unlikely suspect was caught, tried, and convicted in a sensational trial. With the pace of a great thriller, Bondeson takes the reader to brutal and bawdy 18th-century England to join in the chase after one of the most outrageous and mysterious criminals of all time, the dreaded London Monster. "Bondeson shares the impresario's glee in whipping off the handkerchief or whipcracking up another curtain on another monster, relishing the absurdity and the fun of it all."-Marina Warner "Using sensational newspaper accounts, pamphlets, broadsides, and best of all illustrated posters that virtually covered every house and lamppost, Bondeson ... has written a thorough account of the attacks, the victims, the witnesses, the capture, the trials, and indeed the entire spectrum of such crimes right up to the millennium."-New York Times "What make the book so interesting is the social climate that produced the Monster... A gripping story."-Lucy Moore, Washington Times "A visual treat... These hysterical handbills, satirical cartoons, and illustrated verses are sometimes quaint, sometimes shocking."-Steven Saylor, Philadelphia Inquirer "The case of the London Monster, here narrated in lavish detail, carries real historical significance... An absorbing contribution to our knowledge of metropolitan myths."-Roy Porter, Times Higher Education Supplement "Illuminating... Bondeson's fascinating account will appeal not only to true-crime buffs but to readers interested in an unusual slice of history."-Publishers Weekly "A well-told narrative... An attentive, subtle rendering of a strange historical episode, alternatively disturbing and absurd."-Kirkus Reviews (starred review) "In addition to being a compelling crime story, the book is a rewarding history. Bondeson provides an excellent survey of London's social and political life, the interactions within and between classes, and the acute limitations of strictly amateur criminal investigations and police work."-Foreword Magazine "The medley of violence and macabre comedy will appeal to ... readers who cannot help bring intrigued as well as disgusted by such grisly matters (and I must confess to being one of these)... There are countless connoisseurs of 'real crime' who will welcome this lively and gripping book."-Thomas Wright, Daily Telegraph "Impeccable... [Bondeson] is to be commended on the level of research that has obviously been undertaken to produce this fascinating boo. Highly recommended for crime historians."-Ripperologist
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