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Oktober 2000



An examination of how cinematic spectatorship is articulated, practiced, and experienced in the contexts of gay male subjectivities.


Acknowledgements Introduction: At first sight Something a little strange: Theorizing gay male spectatorships Fantasmatic escapades: Gay spectatorships and queer negotiations of the Hollywood musical Camping under the stars: Gay spectatorships, camp and the excessive female star image Mommie dearest: Gay spectatorships and formations of maternal-oriented desire Papa, can't you see that I'm flaming?: Gay spectatorships and figures of masculinity Endnotes; Filmography; Bibliography


Brett Farmer is Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne.


"Spectacular Passions offers a series of original, always intelligent, often provocative analyses of the fantasmatic potentiality of gay male spectatorship. The result is the most sustained and complex examination of fantasy and cinematic spectatorship that I have yet read. It is compelling, informed, wide-ranging, and affecting." - Steve Cohan, author of Masked Men: Masculinity and the Movies in the Fifties "Given the extent to which passionate devotion to cinema has, historically and culturally, been identified with gay men, Farmer's analysis provides both a theoretical and cultural intervention." - Judith Mayne, author of Cinema and Spectatorship "Spectacular Passions makes a compelling case for deploying psychoanalytic theory to explain gay culture's complex relationship with popular film. But, fear not, author Brett Farmer mixes Freud with fandom to produce an engaging book that is filled with insights and surprises." - Alexander Doty, Lehigh University
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