Youth Development & Physical Activity: Linking Univ./Communities

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Juli 2000



An innovative, new approach to serving youth in today's changing world


Part 1 Realities and visions: the way it is; the way it could be. Part 2 Serving undeserved youth through university-community collaboration: serving undeserved youth through physical activity; towards university-community collaboration; outdoor and adventure programs; in-school programs; extended day clubs; alternative school physical education; mentor programs; cross-age teaching programs. Part 4 Leadership, evaluation and outcomes: leadership; program evaluation; program outcomes.


Don Hellison, PhD, is best known for his work with underserved youth. He is a professor of kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he is also the director of the Urban Youth Leader Project. He is the author of numerous books, including "Teaching Responsibility through Physical Education." Among the awards Dr. Hellison has received are the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Hall of Fame Award in 1999 and the International Olympic Committee President's Prize in 1995. He earned his doctorate in physical education from The Ohio State University.Nick Cutforth, PhD, is a noted educator, author, and researcher in the field of service learning and underserved youth. As associate professor in the college of education at the University of Denver, his duties include teaching courses in urban education. Dr. Cutforth received the Latin American Research and Service Agency's Bernie Valdez Education Award in 1997. He earned his doctorate in curriculum, instruction, and evaluation from the University of Illinois at Chicago.James Kallusky, EdD, has earned a strong reputation for his efforts teaching, directing, and researching physical activity programs for underserved youth. In addition to his duties as assistant professor in kinesiology and physical education at California State University at Los Angeles, he is the executive director for Youth Agency Administration Studies. He earned his doctorate in physical education from the University of Northern Colorado. Tom Martinek, EdD, is a well-known scholar in the psychology of physical education and director of Project Effort for Underserved Youth. A professor of exercise and sport science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he has developed youth programming and worked directly with underserved kids in the community. He is the 1999 recipient of the Arthur Wilde Distinguished Alumni Award from Boston University, where he earned his doctoral degree. Dr. Martinek also was named University Teacher of the Year by the North Carolina Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance in 1993. Melissa Parker, PhD, is an associate professor of kinesiology and physical education at the University of Northern Colorado and a prominent voice in the field of physical education. She has developed service learning programs at several universities and worked with children in a wide range of program settings, from in-school physical education classes to before- and after-school programs, outdoor adventure, and sports. She is also a coauthor of "Children Moving." Dr. Parker earned her doctorate in curriculum and instruction from The Ohio State University. Jim Stiehl, PhD, has dedicated the past 30 years to bringing the needs of alternative kids to the forefront. A professor and director of the school of kinesiology and physical education at the University of Northern Colorado, he was named the Central District Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Scholar of the Year in 1993. Dr. Stiehl is also coauthor of the book "Changing Kids' Games." He earned his doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles.
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