The Albanians

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Januar 2000



Considers the gradual process of reform and the fragility of the Albanian experiment with democracy, and includes an account of the days leading up to Sali Berisha's resignation of the presidency.


The nature of Ottoman rule and the rise of the Great Pashaliks; political and cultural moves to consolidate the Albanian national movement; Albanian independence and the end of Ottoman rule; the reign of Prince Wied and the First World War; political instability and the June revolution; the consolidation of Zogu's regime and the Italian ascendancy; the Second World War and the founding of the Albanian Communist Party; "building socialism" under Yugoslav and Soviet tutelage; the retreat into isolation; the end of Communism and the path to democratic pluralism; the democratic "dream" fades.


Miranda Vickers is Honorary Visiting Fellow, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London.


."..expert guidance provided by this valuable and timely account..."-- Raymond Pearson, The South Slav Journal
"A vigorous, well-informed and readable study of modern Albanian history." --Raymond Hutchings, "The Slavonic Review "
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