Colloquial French Grammar

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Designed specifically for the language learner and for others requiring a description of informal French morphology and syntax, " Colloquial French Grammar" is the first detailed non-technical survey in English of the many differences between standard and non-standard usage.


Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. 2. Three Grammatical Processes. 3. Noun Phrases. 4. Verbs. 5. Conjunctions and Prepositions. 6. Sentence Structure and Organization. 7. Grammatical Effects of an Unreformed Spelling System. 8. Conclusions. Appendix 1: Answers to Selected Exercises. Appendix 2: Explanations of Grammatical Terms. Appendix 3: Using the International Phonetic Alphabet. References. Index.


Rodney Ball is Senior Lecturer in French in the School of Modern Languages at the University of Southampton. He has published widely on current developments in the language, and is author of The French--Speaking World: a Practical Introduction to Sociolinguistic Issues (1997).


"Rodney Ball has done us a service in providing this compact summary of the major grammatical features of colloquial French, in a form that is at the same time thoroughly linguistic in its approach and quite accessible to the non--specialist. The book would be equally useful for [undergraduate] and graduate students; moreover with its abundant bibliographic references, it could serve well in French linguistics courses." French Review
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