American Indians

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This collection brings together the best recent essays covering over five hundred years of American Indian history. Attached to each essay are primary historical documents that deal with issues of survival, resistance, accommodation, and adaptation, all of which illuminate the complexity and diversity of American Indian experiences.


Series Editora s Preface. Introduction. Part I: Ancient America: . Article: The Indiansa Old World: Native Americans and the Coming of Europeans: Neal Salisbury. Documents:. Nanih Waiya, The Sacred Mound of the Choctaws: H. S. Halbert. Legend of Nanih Wayah: Muriel Hazel Wright. Further Reading. Part II: First Encounters:. Introduction. Article: The Anglo--Algonquian Gender Frontier: Kathleen M. Brown. Documents:. Excerpts from Castanedaa s History of the Expedition: Pedro de Castaneda of Naxera. Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, 1604--1618: W. L. Grant. Further Reading. Part III: International Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange:. Introduction. Article: Dressing for Success on the Mohawk Frontier: Hendrick, William Johnson, and the Indian Fashion: Timothy J. Shannon. Documents:. Excerpts from the Treaty of Lancaster. Witham Marshea s Journal of the Treaty Held with the Six Nations by the Commissioners of Maryland, and Other Provinces, at Lancaster: Witham Marshe. Further Reading. Part IV: Cherokee Removal:. Introduction. Article: Evidence of Surplus Production in the Cherokee Nation Prior to Removal: David M. Wishart. Documents:. Excerpts from Census Roll, 1835, of the Cherokee Indians East of the Mississippi. Three excerpts from The Cherokee Phoenix. Further Reading. Part V: Sacred Places:. Introduction. Article: The Sacred Black Hills: An Ethnohistorical Review: Linea Sundstrom. Documents:. Land of the Spotted Eagle: Luther Standing Bear. The Sixth Grandfather: Black Elka s Teachings Given to John G. Neihardt: Raymond J. DeMallie. Further Reading. Part VI: Boarding Schools. Introduction. Article: "Hm! White Boy! You Got No Business Here": K. Tsianina Lomawaima. Documents:. Supplemental Report on Indian Education: Thomas J. Morgan. Education of the American Indian: Henry Roe Cloud. Further Reading. Part VII: Red Power: . Introduction. Article: Remembering Alcatraz: Twenty--five Years After: Troy Johnson and Joane Nagel. Documents:. Alcatraz, Activism, and Accommodation: Vine Deloria, Jr. Mankiller: A Chief and Her People: Wilma Mankiller and Michael Wallis. Further Reading. Index.


Nancy Shoemaker is Associate Professor of History at the University of Connecticut. She is the author of American Indian Population Recovery in the Twentieth Century (1999), and editor of Negotiators of Change: Historical Perspectives on Native American Women (1995). She has also published articles on American Indian history in The American Historical Review, The Western Historical Quarterly, and The Journal of Womena s History.


"Pairing well--chosen primary sources with the best in contemporary scholarship, Nancy Shoemaker has devised an extraordinary book. Using treaty speeches, government documents, memoirs, and oral history, she matches Native voices with those of colonizers, bureaucrats, and historians. Lively and accessible introductions frame questions of method, evidence, historiography and analysis, making American Indians a compelling classroom book." Philip Deloria, University of Colorado.
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