Learning Disabilities in Child

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This text provides the necessary resource for bringing together the psychological, social and health issues of the child with learning disabilities. It should be a useful text for students and practitioners in child welfare.


Learning Disability - Theory and Practice; Children, Young People with Learning Disabilities and their Carers; Learning Disabilities and Child Development; Family Matters - Informal Support; Family Matters - Formal Support; Brothers and Sisters; Life Transitions and Barriers to Change; Child Protection - Prevention and Risk; Giving Power to Children and Families; Multi-agency Practice; Promoting Positive Practice.


""This is an easily read book which I found both interesting and useful....[which] provides a useful resource for professionals wanting to improve their practice.""British Journal of Learning Disabilities"“This is a useful resource for those specialising in child welfare and community care”"Aslib Book Guide"“Peter Burke and Kathy Cigno succeed in providing a resource which serves those whose interests may be more professional or personal than academic.”""“This is a well written and well researched book which is easy to read. The text is sound and realistic in its approach - a welcome addition to the promotion of positive practice for children with learning disabilities and their families.”"Learning Disability Practice
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