The Trickster-Function in the Theatre of Garcia Lorca: A Selection from Contemporary Tourist Journals

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September 2000



"Intelligent book...Wright understands the material well". - "Times Higher Education Supplement". Drawing on anthropology, psychoanalysis, and literary theory, this book uses the image of the trickster to argue for a fresh and original reading of Garcia Lorca's plays, highlighting androgyny, male fantasy, masochism, masquerade and the carnivalesque. The study includes detailed textual analyses of "Amor de Don Perlimplin con Belisa en su jardin", "Asi Que Pasan Cinco Anos" and "El Publico", as well as extensive examination of "La Zapatera Prodigiosa" and "Bodas de Sangre"; in addition it makes reference to the lesser known El Sueno de la Vida", "Retablillo de Don Cristobal", "Dragon", and "El loco y la Loca", together with a relevant selection of Garcia Lorca's drawings and prose. Dr Sarah Wright is Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the University of Hull.


Introduction - the trickster-function in the theatre of Garcia Lorca. Part 1 An invitation to the play: author(ity) and the laughter of signs - the autor/director/poeta and other trickster figures in the theatre of Garcia Lorca. Part 2 The trickster, gender and masquerade: Perlimplin's seduction; femininity, masquerade and the "trompe l'oeil"; "asi que pasen cinco anos - Leyenda del tiempo - masochism and the limits of masculinity; the riddling of difference - representations of the androgyne. Part 3 The body in pain - collectivity and the carnivalesque: the body in pain - elements of the carnivalesque in "El publico". Conclusion - off limits.


Intelligent book... Wright understands the material well. TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT A bold book which offers interesting revelations and value judgements. BULLETIN OF HISPANIC STUDIES
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