Apparel Product Development

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</U> This innovative, easy-to-read book explores the practical day-to-day realities and technicalities</U> of the garment-making business-wholesale, manufacturing, designing, and private-label product development. It explains, step-by-step, how to</U> handle a real, roll-up-the-sleeves job in today's fashion industry. KEY TOPICS:</U> "Insider" perspectives, wisdom from the "pros", detailed illustrated procedures, and several "hands-on" exercises for real-world practice contribute to the making of this valuable self-help guide. Chapter coverage includes: cost and specification sheets, workboards, "triangle of balance" tool, customer demographics and psychographics, fabric knowledge basics, global trade, and apparel on-line. </U> For anyone looking for not only the skills-but the means to acquire them-for a successful career in the garment-making industry today.


1. THE FASHION WORLD VERSUS THE REAL WORLD. 1. So You Want to Work in the Fashion Business? 2. Segments of the Garment Industry: Where the Jobs Are. 3. Changes in Today's Fashion Industry-Whose Label Is It Anyway? 4. The Customer: Different Generations, Different Motivations, Different Clothes. 5. How Much Do Customers Spend and What Sense of Style Do They Have? 6. Where Are Customers Buying Their Clothes? 2. THE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. 7. Research: Putting out Fashion "Feelers." 8. Fashion's Triangle of Balance: You Can't Sell Granny Bloomers to Baby Boomers! 9. Building the First Design Ideas: Don't Lose That Thought! 10. Going from Planning to Costing: Squeezing out Those Pennies. 11. Line Building: From Specs to Samples. 12. Production: Go, Team, Go! 13. Selling the Line: How Final Is the Sale? 14. Three Seasons at Once: Spinning Plates on Poles. 3. TECHNOLOGY, POLITICS, AND GEOGRAPHY: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ALL THIS GOING? 15. Apparel Goes On-Line. 16. The Politics of Apparel Importing: Rewards and Punishments. 17. The Geography of Tomorrow's Manufacturing or, "I Have to Change Planes in Kuala Lumpur?" 18. Manufacturing in the United States: Is There a Future? 4. SO, AFTER ALL THIS, IS THE FASHION BUSINESS FOR YOU? 19. Apparel Business in the 21st Century: Where Will the Opportunities Lie? 20. Garmento Lingo: Talk Like an Insider. 21. Words of Wisdom from Industry Pros.
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