Food Texture: Measurement and Perception

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Februar 1999



The concept behind this book is to take a holistic view of food texture, starting with the determination of food texture, its perception in the mouth, and its measurement by both sensory and instrumental methods, and to examine the relation between those methods. The book has been divided into two sections. The first deals with perception of food texture and techniques for its measurement. The second focuses on individual groups of food commodities. The first section is interlaced with appropriate food-related examples to reinforce the applied nature of the subject.


Relation Between Instrumental And Sensory Measures Of Food
Texture. Oral Processing of Foods and the Sensory Evaluation of
Sensory Techniques To Study Food Texture. Rheological
of Foods and Instrumental Techniques for Their Study.
Measurement of
Mechanical Properties of Food Materials in Relation to
Texture: The
Materials Approach. Starch-Based Foods. Fabricated
Fat-Based Foods.
Flesh Foods and Their Analogues. Vegetables and
Fruit. Hydrocolloids.

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