Juvenile Justice Today

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September 2003



For courses in Juvenile Justice.
Offering a comprehensive and balanced treatment, this text traces the history, development, and current practices of the system designed to deal with juvenile behavior, its control and treatment. The book concentrates on the processes that make the juvenile justice system work, the people involved in the system, and the programs aimed at meeting the needs of children in trouble. Its writing style is clear and concise, incorporating understandable examples and descriptions throughout.


I. THE HISTORY OF JUVENILE JUSTICE. 1. Children in Trouble (2000 B.C. to the Twentieth Century). 2. The Twentieth Century and Juvenile Justice. 3. Juvenile Crime: Measurement and Analysis. II. THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM. 4. The Juvenile Justice Process. 5. Juveniles and the Police: Where the System Starts. 6. The Juvenile Court. 7. Juvenile's Legal Rights. 8. Juvenile Probation-Cheaper or Better? 9. Juvenile Institutions: The Success of Failure. 10. Juvenile Parole: Useful or Harmful? 11. Group Homes, Foster Care, and Adoption. 12. Juvenile Justice Assessment and Classification. III. JUVENILE JUSTICE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. 13. Dealing with Delinquency Theories, Issues, and Practice. 14. The Future of Juvenile Justice.
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