Critical Reasoning and Logic

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Oktober 2002



Maintaining that the ultimate goal of critical reasoning is to make informed, educated decisions, this text presents a process that enables the reader to apply proper reasoning techniques in a practical fashion. This book is balanced between three activities: identification of arguments, evaluation of arguments using inductive reasoning, and evaluation of arguments using deductive reasoning. For computer scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, or anyone who is interested in using the practical applications of logic to evaluate their own writing and arguments as well as the writing and arguments of others.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Introduction. 2. Foundations. 3. Introduction to Arguments. II. INDUCTIVE REASONING. 4. Basic Probability. 5. Enumerative Induction. 6. Causal Reasoning. III. DEDUCTIVE REASONING. 7. Conditional Logic. 8. Propositional Logic. 9. Categorical and Predicate Logics. IV. APPLICATION. 10. Pulling It Altogether. Appendix A: Scientific Confirmation. Appendix B: Solutions to Selected Problems. Appendix C: Additional Readings. Index.


"This is an excellent text. The writing is strong. In particular, the section on identifying arguments is well done. The writing applications give the students a strong sense of the practical applications of logical principles, something missing from many texts." - Michael Coste, Front Range Community College "A comprehensive introduction to the basics of reasoning, with helpful summaries and exercises. Both student and instructor should find this a useful tool for enhancing reasoning skills." - Scott Shalkowski, University of Leeds "Boyd has written a wide-ranging text that will be useful for almost any kind of introductory course in logic or critical reasoning. The author is to be commended for writing an accessible text that also has plenty of rigor...Boyd's book does an effective job in covering the topics most instructors will be looking for in a textbook of this sort, but it also stands out in terms of the real-life reasoning exercises it provides and the way it focuses on practical applications." - William Lawhead, University of Mississippi
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