The Golden Age of Dutch Painting in Historical Perspective

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This is the first survey of the diverse critical understandings of seventeenth-century Dutch art from its origins to the present. Appreciated in the eighteenth century by amateurs and collectors, Dutch art during the Romantic age became a focus of ideological interest. From the late nineteenth century onward, it developed into a subject of scholarly research, indeed one of the foundational fields of art history in the modern era. This study provides insight into the various artistic, literary, political, and philosophical approaches that Dutch painting has inspired over the ages.


1. Between reason and sensitivity: Dutch painting in the eyes of foreigners, 1660-1800 Frans Grijzenhout; 2. The felicitous age of painting: 18th-century views of Dutch art in the golden age Lyckle de Vries; 3. Dutch nationality in the shadow of the golden age: national culture and the nation's past N. C F. van Sas; 4. Back to a glorious past: 17th-century art as a model for the 19th century Eveline Koolhaas and Sandra de Vries; 5. To the land of Rembrandt: the formation of a literary image of 17th-century art in the 19th century J. J. Kloek; 6. A new image: German and French thought on Dutch art, 1775-1860 Dedalo Carasso; 7. Two princely German collections and the image of 17th-century Dutch art Debora J. Meijers; 8. 17th-century Dutch art seen through a political prism E. de Jongh; 9. 17th-century Dutch art in the eyes of historians E. H. Kossmans; 10. The iconological approach to 17th-century Dutch painting E. de Jongh; 11. The painter and his world: the socio-economic approach to 17th-century Dutch art Martin Jan Bok; 12. New approaches in art history and the changing image of 17th-century Dutch art between 1960 and 1990 Eric J. Sluijter.


' ... throughout this book, interesting both individually as well as collectively ... should serve historians of the Dutch state as well as art historians in many ways.' Larry Silver, The Art Book
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