Computational Differential Equations

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September 1996



Textbook for teaching computational mathematics.


Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction; 2. Review of calculus in one dimension; 3. Piecewise polynomial approximation in one dimension; 4. Review of linear algebra; 5. A first example; 6. Review of numerical linear algebra; Part II. Archetypes: 7. An elliptic model problem; 8. A parabolic model problem; 9. A hyperbolic model problem; 10. An elliptic-hyperbolic model problem; 11. Systems of linear ode's; 12. Calculus of variations; 12. Computational mathematical modelling; Part III. Problems in Several Dimensions: 13. Review of calculus in several dimensions; 14. Elliptic problems; 15. The heat equation; 16. The wave equation; 17. Stationary convection-diffusion; 18. Time-dependent convection-diffusion; 19. Eigenvalue problems; 20. Power of abstraction; Part IV. Appendix: 21. History of calculus; 22. Femlab.


'... the aiFe book is successfully attained, viz. to present a unified approach to computational mathematical modelling based on differential equations combining aspects of mathematics, computation and application.' G. Kirlinger, International Mathematical News 'The book is written in an accessible style and is well suited to serve as a basis for courses in mathematics, science and engineering.' Aslib Book Guide 'This is a well-written and highly readable book that should be useful for advanced undergraduates in Mathematics or for other scientists new to the field.' Mark Baldwin and Pijush Bhattacharyya, Mathematics Today ' ... provocative and should be taken seriously by all faculty, not just those in applied mathematics ... the ideas of the text could be used in many courses in analysis and computation ... this book provides a vision of computation and analysis that may become a model for the future.' Mathematics of Computation ' ... an excellent text ... a readable, up-to-date, easily accessible, and mathematically sound introduction to finite element methods ... a clear elucidation of the fundamentals of the finite element method at an elementary level.' Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics ' ... delightful and illuminating ...' Journal of Fluid Mechanics
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