Gas Migration: Events Preceding Earthquakes

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This breakthrough new book provides the theory and methodology for using gas migration to predict explosive gas buildup and earthquakes. It demonstrates gas migration's potential for vital applications in petroleum geology, seismology, and civil and environmental engineering.Gas Migration illustrates the possible connection between the rates of migration and tectonic activity. The changes in the rate of gas migration aid in the prediction of earthquakes and environmental hazards.With this information, civil engineers, petroleum geologists, seismologist, urban planners, and environmental specialists have a new and powerful conceptual basis and tool to predict explosions and earthquakes.


TECTONICS AND GAS MIGRATION: Tectonics and Earthquakes; Gas Migration at Plate Boundaries; Surface Soil - Gas Surveys; Southern California-Faults and Petroleum Reservoirs; EVENTS PRECEDING EARTHQUAKES: Earthquake Precursors; Causes of Earthquakes; Magnitude and Intensity of Earthquakes; Forecasting Large Earthquakes; Ancient Fortellers; Messages from the Earth Crust; Fluids Talk; Whispering Gases; Progress in Developing a Forecasting System, Preferential Precursors and Monitoring Network; PRINCIPLES OF GAS MIGRATION: Gas Migration; Typical Composition of Natural Gases; Mechanisms of Gas migration; Paths of Gas Migration; Hazards Resulting from Migrating Gas; Hazards of Gas Storage Fields; INTERRELATIONSHIPS AMONG SUBSIDENCE, GAS MIGRATION, AND SEISMIC ACTIVITY: Subsidence Mechanics; Fracturing Due to Subsidence; Water Aquifer Subsidence; Technology Induced Earthquakes; Gas Migration in Seismically-Active Areas; Joint Forecasting of Subsidence, Gas Migration, and Seismic Activity; Conclusions; References; Author Index; Subject Index; About the Authors


Leonid F. Khilyuk, Ph.D., is a consultant in mathematical modeling of environmental processes at the University of Southern California, former Chairman of the Department of Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics in the Kiev Technological University. He has over 100 publications worldwide in Mathematical Modeling of Environmental Processes, Control Theory, Probability and Statistics.


This book provides many insights on the subject of gas migration and its possible important applications such as land subsidence and prediction of earthquakes. This book opens a new scientific direction in the earth sciences that allows to diagnose the inner state of our planet and predict possible natural disasters by constructing the "gaseous portraits of the earth." -Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering This book provides a powerful conceptual basis and methodologies for understanding and predicting natural disasters and environmental hazards. -Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Reading this book will influence the direction of scientific research and funding in the field of gas migration and earthquake prediction, create new ideas and concepts in environmental studies, and motivate many scientists and engineers toward new books on gas migration and related environmental hazards. -Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
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