From Atalanta to Zeus: Readers Theatre from Greek Mythology

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April 2001



Greek mythology, an important part of the curriculum for middle and high school students, serves as an exciting source of creative inspiration. Through these 26 scripts, you will not only introduce students to a fascinating body of literature, but also build their oral reading and presentation skills. Each script introduces a character from Greek mythology and chronicles some of the important mythical events surrounding the figure. Students get to know heroes, such as Heracles and Athena, in addition to lesser known but equally fascinating figures, such as Chiron and Asclepius. A pronunciation guide for more than 300 Greek names and a detailed index make this a user-friendly resource.


Suzanne I. Barchers, Ed.D., is Managing Editor of Read and Know Your World Extra magazines, Weekly Reader publications. The author of numerous books, she has 15 years experience as a teacher and administrator and has taught education classes at the college level.
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