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An ethnographic study of a Mexican secondary school, showing how Mexican youth appropriate state discourse about equality to construct individual identity.


Introduction - questions and methods for a study of student culture; a short introduction to the methods and fieldsite; historical contexts - the adolescent, the Nation, and the secundaria, 1923-1993; educating adolescence - the Mexican secundaria; politics, ideology, curriculum - a brief history of the Mexican secundaria; escuela secundaria federal in regional and local context; beginnings - an anthropologist, a city, a school; San Pablo - class, culture, and economy in regional and historical perspective; social class and secondary schooling; setting the ethnographic stage - the summer of 1990 and the new school year; institutional contexts - the school students encountered; entered ESF - the students' view; the grupo escolar - competition, solidarity, equality; by day, week, and year - school spaces, rituals, and routines; curriculum, pedagogy, and teachers' practice; gender regimes; "Somos Muy Unidos" - the production of student culture in the grupo escolar; my way into the grupos histories and cycles of the grupo escolar; grupos and focal students; the play of culture - student appropriations of equality and solidarity; sites of social difference and the production of schooled identity; sites of difference and subjectivity - San Pablo and environs; school identification and schooled identity; friendship groups, youth culture, and the limits of solidarity; music, media, and the "cultural centre" at ESF friendship groups and social distinctions within and across the grupo escolar; the play of gender in the configuration of difference; political economic change, life trajectories, and identity formation - 1988-1998; Mexico, San Pablo, and ESF - the intervening years; how focal students fared; what young lives can tell; games are serious - final reflections on Mexican secondary student culture; the institution and the playful practice of student culture; the fields beyond school - identity and aspiration unfolding. Appendices: structure, culture, and subjectivity - a way of feeling and thinking; theoretical and ethnographic precursors; concepts for a critical analysis of student culture; focal student profiles.


Bradley A. U. Levinson is Assistant Professor of Education and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University.


"Levinson shows us how to think in a different way about studying youth and identity construction in a particular socio-historical context. This first-rate and innovative ethnography will establish him as one of the best newcomers on the scene."- Douglas Foley, author of The Heartland Chronicles "An important conceptual, theoretical, and methodological work on a crucial topic. We Are All Equal will open important avenues not just for education scholars but for those of us interested in ethnographic approaches to a wide variety of topics and across a multiplicity of disciplines."- Mary Kay Vaughan, author of Cultural Politics in Revolution: Teachers, Peasants, and Schools in Mexico, 1934-1940
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