Combining Medication and Psychosocial Treatments for Addictions: The Brenda Approach

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For use by addiction counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals working with clients with addictions, this work provides a supported framework for managing biophysical treatment of alcohol and drug dependence. Compatible with cognitive-behavioral and 12-step models, BRENDA is a collaborative, case-management approach to treatment that has been demonstrated effective in more than 80 percent of alcohol-dependent referrals.


The BRENDA Approach and How to Use it. The Biopsychosocial Understanding of Addiction. Managing Addiction Treatment. Using the BRENDA Approach. Biopsychosocial Assessment: How to Conduct It. The Report: How to Prepare and Present the Assessment Results. Empathetic Understanding: Listening to the Patients Needs: Identifying Patient Needs and Priorities. Direct Advice: Matching Needs to Treatment Options. Assessment of the Patient's Reaction to Advice: Adjusting Advice to Patient Response. Dealing with Pharmacotherapy and Medication Compliance Issues. Applying the BRENDA Stages to Early Recovery Issues. Applying the BRENDA Stages to Later Recovery Issues. The BRENDA Approach in Action. The Case of Bill: A Successful Businessman with Alcohol Addiction. The Case of Alissa: Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction with Severe Psychosocial Complications. The Case of Stephen: A Binge Drinker/ Precontemplator. Appendices: A. Instruments B. Naltrexone Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Dependence.


Joseph R. Volpicelli, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Senior Scientist, University of Pennsylvania Helen M. Pettinati, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Treatment Research Center, University of Pennsylvania A. Thomas McLellan, PhD, Senior Scientist, Treatment Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA Charles P. O'Brien, MD, PhD, Treatment Research Center, University of Pennsylvania


"'A groundbreaking book--the first in the field to provide a clear, clinically useful, and practical explication of how to enhance patient compliance with medication and addictions treatment. While there have been other publications that have addressed this important issue in the age of increasing attention to neurobiological treatments for addiction, none has been as comprehensive or as solidly grounded in research findings. It is a 'must read' for all clinicians working with addicted patients in settings where medications are a part of treatment, or where other treatment compliance issues are important to address. It will also be useful in professional training for physicians, psychologists, social workers, and addiction counselors.' - Frederick Rotgers, PsyD, Smithers Addiction Treatment and Research Center, New York, NY 'This book describes treatment principles that are helpful to 80per cent of drug and alcohol patients! Within the BRENDA approach, psychosocial and pharmacological treatment choices are individualized, with emphasis on naltrexone for alcohol addiction. These talented researcher-practitioners have produced a much-needed guide that will be readily understood and used in practice and teaching by psychologists, counselors, social workers, nurse practitioners, and others.' - Lester Luborsky, PhD, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania"
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