Geographic Information Systems: Socioeconomic Applications

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Dezember 1995



This book presents an accessible introduction to the history, principles and techniques of GIS, with a unique focus on socioeconomic applications. With frequent reference to illustrations, this non-technical overview of GIS explores the collection, input, storage, manipulation and output of data in GIS and addresses the needs of students and professionals who must understand and use GIS for the first time.
This second edition builds on the strengths of the first. Taking account of recent advances in GIS development and major new socioeconomic datasets (including new census data), it explores more fully the contribution of GIS to geography and their power in influencing our environment.


1. Introduction 2. The development of GIS 3. GIS applications 4. Theories of GIS 5. Data collection and input 6. Data storage 7. Data manipulation 8. Data output and display 9. Towards a socio-economic GIS 10. Conclusion.


"Already a useful, readable and informative introduction to both GIS and socioeconomic applications, this new edition brings the subject matter nicely up to date in what is currently a rapidly developing area of GIS."
-David Green, University of Aberdeen
"An insightful, comprehensive and accessible account of GIS theory and practice. David Martin's own research is at the forefront of socioeconomic and demographic applications of GIS and users entering this field can benefit from his insight. His updated text is sure to be widely read and deserves to be high on the list of essential reading for anyone interested in population and all GIS users."
-Stephen Matthews, Population Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University
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