Asia-Pacific Financial Deregulation

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September 1999



Recent events in East Asia have highlighted the risks of volatility and contagion in a financially integrated world. Countries in the region had been at the forefront of the movement towards increased integration but the crisis that struck Thailand in July 1997, and the rapidity with which it spread to other East Asian nations, suggested that all was not well. Weaknesses in domestic financial intermediation, poor corporate governance and deficient government responses to large capital inflows all played a role in the build-up of vulnerability. Asia-Pacific Financial Deregulation provides an insight into financial liberalisation and structural reform in the region generally and as illustrated by a number of countries.


Introduction. The Changing Archtitecture of Financial Regulation. Regional Financial Intergration. Patterns of Corporate Governance, Finance and Financial Reform. Case Studies in Financial Reform. Asia Pacific Financial Deregulation: The Conditions for Success. Conclusion
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