The Monied Metropolis: New York City and the Consolidation of the American Bourgeoisie, 1850 1896

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Tracing the shifting fortunes and changing character of New York City's economic elite over half a century, Becker examines a chapter in the social history of the United States--the rise of the American bourgeoisie. Illustrations.


Introduction; Part I. Manners, Fortunes, Politics: 1. Accumulating capital; 2. Negotiating the New Metropolis; 3. The politics of capital; Part II. Reluctant Revolutionaries: 4. Bourgeois New Yorkers go to war; 5. The spoils of victory; 6. Reconstructing New York; Part III: 7. Democracy in the Age of Capital; 8. A Bourgeois world; 9. The rights of labor, the rights of property; 10. The power of capital and the crisis of legitimacy; Epilogue.


'... this is, in general, a deftly told account of the Manhattan bourgeoisie's impressively shrewd negotiation of the ever-shifting terrain of the American political and economic landscape. As such, it yields thought-provoking insights into the ways in which power has been - and continues to be - acquired and exercised in the US.' Publishers Weekly '... [an] illuminating book on the upper social reaches of Manhattan in the gilded age.' The Economist 'A fascinating history of New York during the late 19th-century, a time when big money was changing the face of the city ... dazzlingly successful.' Kirkus Reviews '... he has drawn deftly on an immense body of recent historical work on the period as well as on extensive New York archives.' William R. Taylor, washingtonpost.com 'Academic libraries supporting the most serious research in modern US urban, business, and social history will need this book for their collections, as will the major borough publics.' Library Journal 'Beckert's work is an important contribution to economic history. Mikko Hyvarinen, Scandinavian Economic History Review '... a significant contribution to the study of the elite, corporate power and political economy, and urban history.' Business History
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