Us Foreign Policy and the Iran Hostage Crisis

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Januar 2007



An analysis of one of the greatest foreign policy disasters.


Preface; 1. Jimmy Carter and the tragedy of foreign policy; 2. Locating the argument: a review of the existing literature; 3. The origins of the crisis; 4. The waiting game; 5. Days of decision: the hostage rescue mission; 6. Hostages to history; 7. Some alternative explanations: non-analogical accounts of the Iran decision-making; 8. Conclusions; Appendix I. Dramatis personae; Appendix II. The major historical analogies used; Bibliography; Index.


"Houghton has produced an excellent, in-depth study of the Iranian hostage crisis, making outstanding use of new material about policy/decision makers' perceptions...A superb book." CHOICE "...the book provides a clear account of the analogical reasoning model and uses available sources well to provide an interesting description of the deliberations in the Carter administration surrounding the Iranian hostage crisis." Political Science Quarterly "Well-organized and well-written, Houghton provides a clear and persuasive understanding of the Iran hostage crisis and the important role of cognitive-analogical reasoning." International Politics "...Houghton has written an intersting and thought-provoking book on an important subject that raises a number of compelling questions for future research." American Political Science Review
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