General, Reviews, and Analytic/Synthetic: Philosophy of Quine

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W.V. Quine (1908-) has played a crucial role in philosophy during the second half of the twentieth century. These five volumes contain the most essential of the more than 2000 articles written about Quine's work. Chosen for their clarity and brevity, they cover both basic ideas as well as objections to Quine's work. These articles are a valuable resource for students and scholars; many have been previously available only in hard-to-find sources, and in addition, some have been written or translated expressly for this collection. Available individually or by volume


General Schuldenfrei, Richard, Quine in Perspective, Journal of Philosophy 69 [1972] Magee, Brian, The Ideas of Quine:Dialogue with W V Quine, In Men of Ideas [London: British Broadcasting Corp., 1978] Gibson, Roger F, The Key to Interpreting Quine, Southern Journal of Philosophy 30 [1992] Dreben, Burton, The Medis Rebus, Inquiry 37 [1994] Quine, W V, Response to Dreben, Inquiry 37 [1994] Davidson, Donald, On Quine's Philosophy, Theoria 60 [1994] Davidson, Donald, Exchange between Donald Davidson and W V Quine following Davidson's Lecture, Theoria 60 [1994] Bergstrom, Lars, and Dagfinn Follesdal, Interview with Willard Van Orman Quine in November 1993, Theoria 60 [1994] QUINE AND WITTGENSTEIN Dreben, Burton, Quine and Wittgenstein: The Odd Couple, In Robert L Arrington and Hans Johann Glock, eds., Wittgenstein and Quine [London:Routledge, 1996] Gibson, Roger F, Quine, Wittgenstein and Holism, In Robert L Arrington and Hans Johann Glock, eds., Wittgenstein and Quine [London:Routledge, 1996] REVIEW OF QUINE'S BOOKS AND ARTICLES Bernays, Paul, Review of 'New Foundations for Mathematical Logic', Journal of Symbolic Logic 2 [1937] Church, Alonzo, Review of Notes on Existence and Necessity, Journal of Symbolic Logic 8 [1943] Kemeny, J G, Review of Two Dogmas of Empiricism, Journal of Symbolic Logic 17 [1952] Braithwaite, R B, Review of Quine's from a Logical Point of View, Cambridge Review 75 [1954] Strawson, Peter, A Logicians's Landscape, Philosophy 30 [1955] Smart, J C C, Critical Notice on From a Logical Point of View, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 33 [1955] Quinton, Anthony, The Importance of Quine, Review of The Ways of Paradox and other Essays and Selected Logic Papaers, New York Review of Books 7 [1967] Smart, J C C, Critical Notices on The Ways of Paradox and other Essays and Selected Logic Papers, Australian Journal of Philosophy 33 [1955] Strawson, Peter, Paradoxes, posts and propositions, Philosophical Review 76 [1967] Peacocke, C A B, With Reference to the Roots, Inquiry 21 [1976] McGinn, Colin, Review of Theories and Things, Journal of Philosophy 80 [1983] Davidson, Donald, Review of the Time of My Life, Journal of Symbolic Logic 53 [1988] Putnam, Hilary, The Greatest Logical Positivist, London Review of Books 10 [1988] ANALYTIC/SYNTHETIC Mates, Benson, Analytic Sentences, Philosophical Review 60 [1951] Grice, H P and P F Strawson, In Defense of a Dogma, Philosophical Review 65 [1956] Frankfurt, H G, Meaning, Truth and Pragmatism, Philosophical Quarterly 10 [1960] Putnam,
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