Soil Behaviour and Critical State Soil Mechanics

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April 1991



This book describes the basic ingredients of a family of simple elastic plastic models of soil behaviour.


Preface; Acknowledgements; List of symbols; 1. Introduction: models and soil mechanics; 2. Elasticity; 3. Plasticity and yielding; 4. Elastic-plastic model for soil; 5. A particular elastic-plastic model: cam clay; 6. Critical states; 7. Strength of soils; 8. Stress-dilatancy; 9. Index properties; 10. Stress paths and soil tests; 11. Applications of elastic-plastic models; 12. Beyond the simple models; References; Index.


"...an interesting book which has fully accomplished its objectives. The text is well written and clearly illustrated. The exercises at the end of each chapter provide a good teaching tool. This book can be recommended as a textbook for advanced courses in geomechanics. As well, it will be very useful as a reference for practicing geotechnical engineers and as a guide for researchers in soil mechanics." Aleksandra M. Vinogradov, Applied Mechanics Review "A good book for graduate students and faculty interested in learning about the applicability and limitations of critical state soil mechanics in research and in engineering practice." Choice
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