The Complete Poetry of James Hearst

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Juni 2001



Part of the regionalist movement that included Grant Wood, Paul Engle, Hamlin Garland, and Jay G. Sigmund, James Hearst helped create what Iowa novelist Ruth Suckow called "a poetry of place". A lifelong Iowa farmer, Hearst began writing poetry at age nineteen and eventually wrote thirteen books of poems, a novel, short stories, cantatas, and essays, which gained him a devoted following. Many of his poems were published in the regionalist periodicals of the time, including the Midland, and by the great regional presses, including Carroll Coleman's Prairie Press.Drawing on his experiences as a farmer, Hearst wrote with a distinct voice of rural life and its joys and conflicts, of his own battles with physical and emotional pain (he was partially paralyzed in a farm accident), and of his own place in the world. His clear eye offered a vision of the midwestern agrarian life that was sympathetic but not sentimental -- a people and an art rooted in place.


Scott Cawelti is professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa. He is the author of The Inventive Writer and Introduction to College Writing. He also writes a weekly column for the Waterloo Courier and has been a commentator for National Public Radio.


"James Hearst wrote eloquently of the land, its pleasures and sorrows, carefully turning the language as one of his farmer heroes turns the soil. Scott Caweltl and his colleagues have done us all a favor by assembling this fine collection, ensuring the onward resonance of Hearst's words and sensibilities." - Robert James Waller; "Write about what you knowl' was the only advice given by the shy published poet to the shy girl who walked from her college to his farm, having begun to discover what she knew by crafting poems. Surely James Hearst knew pain and loss in plenty, but once he had sworn never again to "uncover [his] door" to this kind of "rain," the world pltchforked its bounties to him through every window available to a poet. The results run from the perfect early nature lyric, "Blue Again," to the moving and rich domestic wisdom of "Close Call." This book is a late, uneven harvest, but a fine one." - Mona Van Duyn, U.S. Poet Laureate, 1992-1993"
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