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This comprehensive collection of the major critical views of Chaucer's works over time engages students with the entire critical history.
Introduces students to the critical discourse on Chaucer's works from a historical perspective.
Encourages students to make links between past and present criticism.
Foregrounds those modern approaches that are genuinely productive.
Avoids a formulaic approach through lively editorial commentary and judicious selection of texts.


Introduction.Part I: The Development of Chaucer Criticism:Chaucer's Reading and Audience: Critical Extracts'The English and European Literary Traditions': Derek Brewer:Introduction.Reading.From 'Chaucer: The Teller and the Tale': Gabriel Joipovici:Introduction.Reading.From 'Audience': Paul Strohm:Introduction.Reading.PArt II: Dream Vision Poetry:Dream Vision Poetry: Critical Extracts. 'The Lady White and the White Tablet: The Book of the Duchess': Judith Ferster:Introduction.Reading.' "The Dido Episode," in The House of Fame': Wolfgang Clemen.Introduction.Reading.'Chaucer's Fame and Her World: The Poem': Piero Boitani:Introduction.Reading.'Park of Paradise and Garden of Love': J. A. W. Bennett:Introduction.Reading.'The Parliament of Fowls': A. C. Spearing:Introduction.Reading.'The Narrator as Translator': Donald W. Rowe:Introduction.Reading.'Chaucer's Classical Legendary': Lisa J. Kiser:Introduction.Reading.Part III: Troilus and Criseyde:Troilus and Criseyde: Critical Extracts.From 'The Ending of Troilus': E. Talbot Donaldson:Introduction.Reading.From 'The Heart and the Chain': John Leyerle:Introduction.Reading.From 'Criseyde: Woman in Medieval Society': David Aers:Introduction.Reading.'Coda: The Narrator': B David Benson:Introduction.Reading.'History versus Romance': Lee Patterson.PArt IV: The Canterbury Tales:The Canterbury Tales: Critical Extracts.From 'The Unity of the Canterbury Tales': Robert M. Jordan:Introduction.Reading.'The Esthetics of this Form': Donald R. Howard:Introduction.Reading.'An Encyclopedia of Kinds': Helen Cooper:Introduction.Reading.From ' The Night's Tale and Its Settings': V. A. Kolve:Introduction.Reading.'Fabliau, Confession, Satire': W. A. Davenport:Introduction.Reading.'Gems of Chastity': Ian Bishop:Introduction.Reading.From 'Antifeminism': Jill Mann:Introduction.Reading.From 'The Franklin's Tale': Angela Jane Weisl:Introduction.Reading.From 'Glose/Bele Chose: The Wife of Bath and Her Glossators' and 'Eunuch Hermeneutics': Carolyn Dinshaw:Introduction.Reading.Bibliography.


Corinne Saunders is Lecturer at the University of Durham. Her previous publications include Forest of Medieval Romance (1993) and Rape and Ravishment in the Literature of Medieval England (2001)


"The acuteness of Corinne Saunders's analyses makes this volume considerably more than a collection of critical extracts; it manages to be at once illuminating about Chaucer, Chaucerian criticism, and twentieth-century criticism in general, its range, its concerns, its disagreements, and its radical insights." Medium Aevum LXXI/2002 "Saunders's Chaucer is a thought-inspiring and highly recommended coursebook to use beside The Riverside Chaucer." English Studies
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