An Introduction to Philosophy

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This new textbook is a lively and highly accessible introduction to philosophy. From the fundamental issues of philosophical thought to the latest theories in the philosophy of mind, An Introduction to Philosophy provides clear and incisive discussion of the key areas of philosophy for students new to the subject. * Provides the tools new students need to tackle philosophical arguments themselves
* Clearly presents and explains contemporary issues and current debates
* Covers the key areas of philosophy, including perception, epistemology, metaphysics, the mind, philosophy of religion, ethics and political philosophy
* Contains numerous learning features such as introductions, summaries, questions and further reading An Introduction to Philosophy is an ideal text for AS level, A level and first-year undergraduate students or anyone studying the subject for the first time.


Philosophers Past and Present. Acknowledgements. The Nature of Philosophy. The Start of Modern Philosophy: Descartesa Meditations. Perception and Reality. Knowledge, Belief and Logic. Space, Time, Causality and Substance. The Mind. God. Morality. Political Issues. Guide to Further Reading. Index.


John Nuttall teaches Philosophy at St. Johna s School, Leatherhead.


"This book, a welcome addition to a crowded field, is a lucid and wide--ranging introduction that will give students a very good sense of what philosophy is. Nuttall is particularly successful at integrating contemporary and historical sources, and he brings to his discussion both an enthusiasm and a lightness of touch." Nick Everitt, Department of Philosophy, University of East Anglia "Crisp, and written with exceptional clarity, this book will entice readers keen to explore the major issues debated in philosophy. Beginning with Descartes, Nuttall demonstrates a deep and wide--ranging understanding of the main questions in philosophy. The book will be valuable for those engaging with philosophy for the first time, including students studying it for AS-- and A--level. "K. T. Maslin, Head of Philosophy, Esher Sixth Form College
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