Linguistic Databases

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Januar 1998



This volume explores the potential advantages of database applications to linguistics.


1. Introduction John Nerbonne; 2. Test suites for natural language processing Stephen Oepen, Klaus Netter and Judith Klein; 3. From annotated corpora to databases: the SgmlQL Jacques Le Maitre, Elisabeth Murisasco, and Monique Rolbert; 4. Markup of a test suite with SGML Martin Volk; 5. An open systems approach for an acoustic-phonetic continuous speech database: the S. tools database-management systems (STDBMS) Werner A. Deutsch, Ralf Vollman, Anton Noll, and Sylvia Moosmuller; 6. The reading database of syllable structure Erik Fudge and Linda Shockey; 7. A database application for the generation of phonetic atlas maps Edgar Haimerl; 8. Swiss-French polyphone and polyvar: telephone speech databases to model inter- and intra-speaker variability Gerard Chollet, Jean-Luc Cochard, Andrei Constantinescu, Cedric Jaboulet, and Philippe Langlais; 9. Investigating argument structure: the Russian nominalization database Andrew Bredenkamp, Louisa Sadler, and Andrew Spencer; 10. The use of a psycholinguistic database in the simplification of text for aphasic readers Siobhan Devlin and John Tait; 11. The computer learner Corpus: a testbed for electronic EFL Tools Sylviane Granger; 12. Linking wordnet to a Corpus query system Oliver Christ; 13. Multilingual data processing in the Cellar environment Gary F. Simons and John V. Thomson.
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