Modern American English 6

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The six levels of the Modern American English series offer a step-by-step progression from repetition to practice to use, with carefully controlled structure and vocabulary, natural conversational language, conversation practice, and thematically organized lessons.In addition to the Student Books, the series includes:
-- Workbooks -- activities that reinforce writing, reading, and speaking practice.
-- Teacher's Manuals -- step-by-step instructions in the margins next to the Student Book pages.
-- Audiocassettes -- narratives, readings, dialogues, exercises, and pronunciation drills from the Student Books.
-- Testing Package -- a placement test and diagnostic tests for each level.


1. Space Travel (Part 1). The Auxiliary Verb To Do. Review of the Simple Present and Past Tenses. 2. Space Travel (Part 2). To Be as a Main Verb. To Be as an Auxiliary Verb in the Active Voice. Review of the Present and the Past Continuous Tense. 3. Sam Gogarty's Last Case (Part 1). The Auxiliary Verb To Have. Review of Perfect Verb Forms. 4. Sam Gogarty's Last Case (Part 2). Review of the Modal Auxiliary Verbs. 5. Review. 6. Man of Courage (Part 1). Review of Idiomatic Verb Phrases. 7. Man of Courage (Part 2). To Be and To Get as Auxiliary Verbs with the Passive Voice. Review of the Passive Voice. 8. Man of Courage (Part 3). Adjective Clauses. Relative Pronouns. 9. The Hole in the Sky. Adverbial Clause of Time. 10. Review. 11. Secret Operations Group B (Part 1). Adverbial Clauses of Reason, Result, Purpose, and Contrast. 12. Secret Operations Group B (Part 2). Review of Conditional Sentences. Conditional Sentences with Unless. 13. Secret Operations Group B (Part 3). Review of Object Clauses and Indirect Speech. Clauses after Adjectives. 14. Secret Operations Group B (Part 4). Sentence Connectors. Shortened Clauses. 15. Review. Vocabulary. Principal Parts of Irregular Verbs.
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